Lot 2077

Doug & Kerry Gardner

5, 6 & 7 Yr Old Bred Cow
Base Weight: 1350

50 cents under Base Weight
Delivery Location
Gardner Ranch which is 37 miles E of Broadus, MT which is 170 miles E of Billings, MT
Breed Type
Breed of Cow
100% Black hided (1/16 or less Gelbvieh)
Frame Size
Medium Large
Est. Wt. Var.
Uneven (15-20% +/-)
Fall shots & poured; 100% Legible Tattoo
Feed Program
Native range & mineral
Delivery Date
12-01 - 12-10
Wt Conditions
Will weigh a few to make loads. Cows will easily make weight.
Bred To
Lenesgrav Black Balancer (7/8 Angus, 1/8 Gelbvieh)
Breeding Method
Natural Service
Calving Date
03-25 - 05-15
Complete dispersion of Doug & Kerry's cow herd. Long time closed herd. A rare opportunity to buy into a reputation set of cows. Str clvs wean at 600 lbs year in & out the first part of Oct. Preg Oct 18, selling on that preg test
Dan Catlin & Tyler Gardner
Rep Phone
406-671-7715 / 406-670-9859