Lot 8023

Rob & Reed Kramer

Feeder Lambs
Base Weight: 80

100 cents over / under Base Weight
( 10# Wt / Slide Stop)
Delivery Location
Towner Ranch Scales which is 0.5 miles N of Towner, ND which is 50 miles E of Minot, ND
Breed Type
80% Targhee, 20% Rambouillet
Breed of Ewe
80% Targhee, 20% Rambouillet
Breed of Ram
90% Targhee, 10% Rambouillet
Frame Size
Medium Large
Medium Heavy
Est. Wt. Var.
Uneven (15-20% +/-)
Feed Program
On ewes, native grass
Delivery Date
09-20 - 09-30
Wt Conditions
Gather, sort day before, overnight stand in dry pen. AM load, haul to scale, weighed on the Ground straight.
2 long time sheep operations located side by side. Top cut out of 900 lambs.
Keith Medalen
Rep Phone