Lot 894

Pinnacle Valley Ranch

Yearling Steer
Base Weight: 950

8 cents over Base Weight
Delivery Location
Big Gulch Corrals which is 12 miles NW of Craig, CO which is 215 miles W of Cheyenne, WY
Breed Type
90% Blk/BWF, 10% Red
Frame Size
Medium Large
Light Medium
Est. Wt. Var.
Fairly Even (10-15% +/-)
Feed Program
High desert grass
Delivery Date
10-01 - 10-15
Wt Conditions
Early AM gather, size, weighed on the Ground with a 3 % shrink.
Big sort, take the 52 out of 85. These steers have been all locally sourced, and bought for frame size. Thir condition in mid-October wiil be ideal for compensatory gain in the feedyard.
Loma Livestock-George Raftopoulos
Rep Phone